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Work in progress

As always, I have couple of projects going on at the same time. So, here is a quick review of what you can expect to see here in the nearest future.

Easy Lavender Shawl


I lost the ball band so I can’t tell the brand of yarn. Weight is dk but I am using hook 5.0 mm to obtain loose tension for this shawl.  Nearly there, just need to figure out what edging to add to make it look complete.

Toddler Peach Vest


Again, lost the ball band, so not sure on the brand. Using 4.0 mm hook and dk yarn.

Tee “Amanda” by Adriafil


This is going to be a Tee in size M. I am using knitting needles size 4 mm and Adriafil Kimera in green shades. This is mercerized Egyptian cotton, really lovely to work with.


When it comes to yarns, anything I can put my hands on will finally make a way to my hooks and needles. I like to experiment a lot and notoriously run four or five projects at the same time - but that's part of the fun!

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